2 Vodafone Wi-Fi Extenders

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Re: 2 Vodafone Wi-Fi Extenders

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My dual Extenders have finally arrived 4 months after I ordered the new VTV Service.


Have yet to set up, and will get to that next week.



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Re: 2 Vodafone Wi-Fi Extenders

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still waiting for mine  

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Re: 2 Vodafone Wi-Fi Extenders

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I've had problems with my extenders since day one, one keeps dropping out every 1-2 days 15 weeks later and many chats to support saying theirs are working fine,  looking at hardwiring...

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Re: 2 Vodafone Wi-Fi Extenders

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I have being trying to replicate laurences' issue but cant seem to do it. Run multiple extenters for long periods of time.60+ days and even tried it at home with my Vodafone TV box. It still is going strong.


Only way to check is to do a packet capture to see which side is giving the Deauth, but that requires a special setup.


sorry Laurence your issue i cant seem to replicate. Unless you want to swap yours with another pair and i can test it out for you if I can replicate it here in the Device Lab. This will tell us if the issue is just local ( interference of some sort which is getting it to deauth.) or something we need to look in.


Tested about 8 Extenders now (4 pairs) no joy . Got some running on my desk even now.

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