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transfer number

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I just switched to vodafone a few days ago and transfered my number from skinny. So my previous number works but when i log into my page on vodafone I need the new number from my vodafone simcard, and that is the number that is stated in my account, even though I never even used that number.


Is there anyways to change this so that I can use my real number when I log into the account, and so the number that i have transfered shows up on my vodafone account? because it is slightly confusing and very annoying having to memorize two different phone numbers just because of this. 

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Re: transfer number

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Hi @Bennepod


Is this working for you yet? You should be able to register with your current number. If you are still having issues click on my name and send me a PM. Please include the mobile number and four digit PIN on your account.





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