Vodafone smart mini 7

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Vodafone smart mini 7

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I am  really disappointed. I have just bought a Vodafone Smart Minii phone and cannot Dow load apps on it.  I have rung Vodafone and been info the shop and have bee. Told '.this is just the phone is'. Really brand new phone And every to me I try. To download anything it just says not enough storage.  Don't buy a Vodafone Smart mini7/they are useless.



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Re: Vodafone smaet mini 7

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Hi @JeanetteWard,


Sorry to hear about the experience that you've had with the device. The Smart Mini 7 comes with 4GB of internal memory space, on which the phones operating system is stored as well. This unfortunately leaves the phone with little memory space.


In saying that , you do have the option to use a memory card with the Smart Mini 7 and expand the storage. Once you've got the memory card installed, you can use it to store all your pictures, videos, music and other items, leaving the phone memory available to install app from the Play Store.

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