Vodafone Smart mini 7

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Vodafone Smart mini 7

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I received a Vodafone Smart Mini 7 in October last year (Brand new) as a company phone. Everything was working ok until February 2017 when I updated the software. After the update was done, the phone kept saying the memory is low so I reset the phone and deleted apps that I was not using and the phone still said memory is low. I subsiquently deleted all apps that I had downloaded but still the problem persisted even after moving apps to the memory card and resetting the phone again. Now the problem I am having is that the screen is flashing on and off with the standard or default Smart Mini Vodafone colour design background. Is there anything I can do to fix this myself or do I have to take the phone into a Vodashop?



Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Re: Vodafone Smart mini 7

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Hey @MarvinBarnabas

Sounds pretty odd and definitely not something that should be happening. Might need to take it into a store for them to look into as I suspect it may need to be sent away to be looked at. They should have loan phones you could use in the mean time though so you won't be without a device while it's gone Smiley Happy

Best of luck!

^Zane Cat Happy

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