Smart Ultra 6 Not Recognising Speakers

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Smart Ultra 6 Not Recognising Speakers

by BethanyFrench New Poster
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Ever since my Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 upgraded its software automatically the phone has been incapable of playing music through speakers when connected through 3.5 mm jack.

There is nothing obstructing the connection as it works perfectly fine with ear buds. I have tested it with multiple different speakers, used different cables and everything but it doesn't work. Note: the speakers work with other devices.

If you have a solution then I'm all ears. I personally think its a software issue, but I really would like it fixed.
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Re: Smart Ultra 6 Not Recognising Speakers

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Hi there Bethany,

Could you confirm if the speakers you're plugging into are powered? As in, do they have a power source like a stereo speaker or are they simlar to a bluetooth speaker with aux audio in? Just wondering if it has something to do with that too?

I've not heard of anything like this myself but might also be worth taking the phone in store for them to test/check.

Let me know how you get on!

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