Sim Card Pin

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Sim Card Pin

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Can anyone tell me, if I put a Sim PIN lock on my SIM card, would I have to enter the PIN every time I use the phone, both for calls and texts?  Also, what would be the best way to protect my phone in the event of loss - Sim PIN or Lock Screen (which I assume I will need to enter for calls and texts as well)?  Thank you.

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Re: Sim Card Pin

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Hi @Fantail18


Sim pin only needs to be entered when you turn on your phone. With screen lock you can change the security settings for example to automically lock the phone after 5 mins or an hour also, if you do ever happen to lose your phone you can give us a call on 777 and we can bar incomming and outgoing calls/text messages as well as blacklist your phone. 


If you have an Android phone you can use Android device manager to lock your phone -


Or with an iPhone you can use find my iPhone by logging into iCloud -  



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