Samsun 8 Pre order

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Samsun 8 Pre order

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I pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy 8+ online on the 30th of April. i emailed just checking if things were ok but this was last week now i have not even recived a single email after  I contacted Vodafone back regarding it i have had no reply or anything to track my order.


there should be an option to cancel my order if Vodafone is going to be like this not answering customers emails, i will just have to do it in store then if nobody will answer my reply or send me any information...


you should have on your website when people are pre booking this the time or how long it will take for the customer to recieve the item



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Re: Samsun 8 Pre order

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Hi @AshleighThompson,


Did you receive an order confirmation with an order number?


If so, please call 0800837867 and they'll be able to provide you with an update


thanks Smiley Happy

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