SD card failed now i cant get my photos

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SD card failed now i cant get my photos

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I have the Vodafone Smart Turbo 7, I used a SD card to increase the memory and have saved my apps and photos to that SD card. Now suddenly my phone wouldnt start, I got the phone to start again, but i had to take out the SD card to get it to work. That is fine, I'm happy that my phone is working.... however my problem is that because i had to format the sd card to get it to intergrate with the phone, I now cant get my photos off as my computer wont read it....... So now i'm stuck with a phone that wont start if i have the card in and my computer wont read it......How do i get my photos from the last few months? Or have i lost the last few months photos forever?

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Re: SD card failed now i cant get my photos

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Hi @AmandaRobinson,


Seems a bit strange that  the SD card is not being read by your computer, however since the mobile phone is not starting up with the SD card in it then it seems like that the SD card is corrupted. If the SD card is corrupted then unfortunately you will not be able to retrieve the data from there.


You could try one of the data recovery places and see if they could retrieve them for you.

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