Recharge voucher failed

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Recharge voucher failed

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For the last 5 monthly topups everytime I try to text through a recharge voucher to 887 I get a Failed! message. I've checked the recharge numbers against the voucher and they are correct and I've used different voucher numbers with the same result. I have no other issues with sending texts to other numbers.


I started topping up through My Vodafone but now that no longer works saying it 'isn't available at the moment'. Two months is a long moment!


I am now having to log in to Vodafone on a computer to be able to top up via a recharge voucher. I know I could use a credit card but I would prefer not to do so and don't feel that should be the only solution to my problem.


Any ideas?


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Re: Recharge voucher failed

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That's a bit strange that the top up via recharge voucher is not working for you via text message nor the Vodafone app.


Would you still have the voucher with you by any chance? If so then could you please send me a private message with your mobile numebr and the serial number of the voucher and I will look into it for you.

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Re: Recharge voucher failed

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Is this failing on the handset or are you receiving a SMS back from Vodafone saying it has failed? If it failing on the handset you might want to check the settings. Some android handsets have a setting to block SMS to short codes.





"Send Premium SMS"

Select "Allow" or "Ask"





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