Private Number

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Private Number

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I receive multiple calls from 'Private Number' - there is no one on the end of the line.  The call hangs up once answered and I am getting really agitated at how many I am getting.  How can I get rid of these for good? 


The confusion is for me, that it may be a genuine 'private number' like a member of my family.  How can this be fixed???



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Re: Private Number

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Hey Wylee, 


Check out the following link for steps on how to deal with nuisance calls: 




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Re: Private Number

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Proper link for nuisance calls is:


Also there is an app that you can get for your cell phone (if its happening to that)

Its called: Truecaller - Spam Indentification & Block

Its in both the Google Play Store (for Android phones) and Apples App store.


I think its free, but if you want to remove the ads etc then it costs (dont they all!)

I havent used it, just read about it in an issue oif WebUser (UK computer mag)


If its happening on a landline then just record the date / time / Content (anything said-noises in background)

4 examples over 7 days.

It says to call the Customer Care team but I emailed them the details.



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