Poor coverage mobile phone

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Poor coverage mobile phone

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Hi, we are having difficulties with network connection inside our single story house in a major city.  I am unsure why this is happening but I often only have 1 bar or none and when I am on a call it usually drops out or the person can't hear me. We recently bought a Sure Signal device and installed that. It appears to be connected properly and working but it hasnt changed the bars on our mobile devices at all.  What else can we try? I will be sending the Sure Signal back as it hasnt worked. 



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Re: Poor coverage mobile phone

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Hi Karyn. Your phone might be displaying your 4G coverage which a mobile will generally be connecting to if it gets sufficient signal.

However we dont do voice over the 4G network so when a call is made or recieved the network sends a command to the device to drop to 3G for the duration of the call.

So I would suggest checking what the coverage is like what you're actually on a call - hopefully it's at full strength.

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