Pictures perfect

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Pictures perfect

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Hi all

I know a lot of people wondering if the picture there taken better or others might think otherwise or what should I do to get a better picture from phone I use

You don't have to be a photographer if you are using Android phone but you need to understand the setting of the phone especially Super Amoled with Samsung galaxy S7 edge fur examples. If you are using Auto remember this particular green, orange, blue, pink. If you put people together the chance you will light the sky
Pro: it is sophisticated but good through because you can select style you want,
Food: I use a lot because the colour is enhanced the picture you take

Thanks for OS nougat system as now you can take pictures easily than before. Little tiny complaints when you want to change camera selections, the tiny dot you have to press

Big thumbs up on changes of camera positions, no more adjust the light when I snap shot pictures on sunshine day, before I couldn't see what was on screen which I have to press the light button.

No more blur picture on Facebook or instragram lol 😁

Good luck

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