My Galaxy S7 cannot connect to mobile data

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My Galaxy S7 cannot connect to mobile data

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Hi, So over the past few days I have noticed that my Samsung Galaxy S7, it seems, has been unable to connect to my mobile data, and yes mobile data is turned on, I recently updated the software on the phone, however I am unsure as to whether or not that has affected my phones connection capabillities. I will point out that I am still able to hotspot my phone via mobile data in order to connect my IPod which works fine. I notice that I have a full 3 bars however there is no "4G" or "3G" icon showing. Games flat out dont work and simply states that I need to check my internet connection, although Facebook works and I am able to cycle through my news feed however when i want to view comments it tells me that I am offline. Various other apps "half load" as in the app works but just doesnt show any text or tells me "You need to be connected to the internet to view this app" then proceeds to crash to my home screen. My phone works fine when connecting to my home internet via wifi. does anybody have any solutions to this issue? Has anybody else experienced this type of issue? Is there any troubleshooting of any sort in terms of setting adjustments that might need to be made? Is network maintienance currently taking place effecting it? Or perhaps the software update did somehow interfere with my connection? I have done all the basic switch off/restart but to no avail. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Cheers

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Re: My Galaxy S7 cannot connect to mobile data

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Have you got this sorted?

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