Issues after system update

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Issues after system update

by Jaz22 Starter Poster
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After I did the system update yesterday my headphone jack has completely stopped working. It won't register my headphones or an aux cable has been plugged in. Was working perfectly until the update. I have a smart ultra 6
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Re: Issues after system update

by JacquiALaw Starter Poster
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Having real issues with the new system update as well, really want to just uninstall it.  It has really mucked up my phone.  Using a lot of battery power, when charging now says charging slowly and will take all day to charge.  I have 70% charge at night in the morning only 12%, it's not doing anything at night time, I leave it on because it is my alarm, this never happened prior to this update.  Also all my apps now say they are not installed, and when I reinstall them they don't work!  Finally anything I install now is located on my phone and I can not move them to the SD card like I use to be able to do.  I also have a Smart Ultra 6.  


Vodafone PLEASE sort this out as I am extremely angry over this, why has this update caused so much trouble!

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