Huawei mediapad m2 802l voice calls

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Huawei mediapad m2 802l voice calls

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Can I make voice calls on this device? I can send and receive texts. How about voice over lte?

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Re: Huawei mediapad m2 802l voice calls

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I'm not familiar with this tablet myself but some online searches indicate certain models support the capability.

Answer to the immediate question however is we don't do voice over LTE at this stage. No ETA on when this will happen - I'm sure come that day there will be a big announcement.


Presuming the model you have does support voice (and if so no reason why it couldn't go over 2G/3G) then I guess it could be a couple of things.

The plan you have doesnt allow voice e.g if you had a data only connection

Second maybe it's missing the 'phone' icon - there's quite a bit of searches I've found which have some suggestions online, this link has a few ideas:


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