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Google pixel

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Are you ever going to get the Google Pixel? You should bring more Android smartphones into New Zealand. Instead of the usual Samsungs and Apple. Where's the HTC U11?? Where's the OnePlus 5?? Majority of the top smartphones aren't available in NZ. Other retailers like PBTECH manage to get these phones into the country. Yet one of the largest network providers can't seem to do it. This is 2017! Not 2005.
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Re: Google pixel

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I agree completely with this post. My work phone (currently an HTC One M8) is up for renewal in the near future, but Vodafone's range of android phones is utterly abysmal. The Samsungs feel cheap and are riddled with bloatware/touchwizz, Huawei has a track record of pre-installed Chinese spyware and can't be trusted, and the Sony's just look ridiculous with that dated shape and the massive top and bottom bezels. Is that really the best you can do? Nothing you sell is a convincing replacement for my HTC. 

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