ERROR message

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ERROR message

by EGilbert New Poster
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Since yesterday I keep getting an onslaught on error messages

"Unfortunately the has stopped."

"Unfortunately media storage has stopped."

"Unfortunately download manager has stopped."


I've tried resetting the preferences, disabling, turning the phone off, and enabling both the media storage (in apps manager) and download manager.

I took it into a vodafone store and the guy who helped did the same as me...


And the error messages keep popping up.

It keeps shutting down my gallery, facebook, I access anything without thie message appearing multiple times.

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Re: ERROR message

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Hi @EGilbert


Have you recently downloaded any new app(s)? If so, it would probably be best to Google how to put your make/model of phone into safe modem, then uninstall the app(s). 




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