Vodafone Smart 6 No Service

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Vodafone Smart 6 No Service

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Have been using this phone with no service issues for close to a year now. Came back from work today and my mobile service has not reconnected. I still have an internet connection. I have taken the SIM in and out and I cannot remove the battery as it is non-removable with this phone. Had no service issues at all this morning, only happened when I got home from work.


Need urgent help, cheers.

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Re: Vodafone Smart 6 No Service

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@TaylaMcCamish Is the problem everywhere you go or just at your home location?


Can you try your SIM card in another handset to work out if the problem is something on our end, or a problem with the phone.



I work in Mobile Technical Escalations and I volunteer my time here on the community helping out.
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