Poor battery performance .vodafone smart 4 power

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Poor battery performance .vodafone smart 4 power

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I am still paying of my vodafone smart 4 power. I like the phone but the battery life has always been poor  (daily recharge) IIt has got a lot worse, I have removed as many apps as I can but as soon as I use it it goes down very quickly even when just texting.. Guy at shop said it would be cheaper to just buy a new phone, but I am still paying it off on my 2 year contract so am very unhappy about buying a new phone. Is there no way the battery can be replaced  or repaired by a technician? I have tried recalibrating the battery manually which has helped a bit as it used to just switch itself off once it got below about 40%. Dorothy 

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Re: Poor battery performance .vodafone smart 4 power

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Hi @Dot


Sorry to hear about the poor battery life on your Smart 4 Power.


My recommendation is to copy any photos etc to a computer (creating a backup), and then take your device in  to any Vodafone shop where the device can be sent for assessment and appropriate actions can be taken by a repair agent.


Vodafone can provide you with a loan phone if necessary while your phone is away.




Let us know if there are any more questions Smiley Happy






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