General battery saving tips for Android

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General battery saving tips for Android

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Hi folks,


 If the battery life on your Android device could be better, here's a few general tips that may help. The following list was compiled with Android 4.0+ in mind, but may prove useful for older (or even future) versions of the operating system.


  • Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Location, and other services (e.g. Samsung's Air Gesture, Air View, & Smart Scroll) when not in use


  • If your device has a power saving mode, turn this on - this may reduce CPU speed and make the device a little slower, so remember to turn it off again when no longer required


  • Set the display to the minimum acceptable brightness, and consider turning off auto brightness (Auto brightness may need to be turned off to adjust brightness at all, depending on model/manufacturer)


  • Use a white background to save a little power on devices with LCD displays, e.g. HTC One, and a black background to save a little power on devices with OLED displays, e.g. Samsung Galaxy S devices


  • Under Settings/Data Usage, you can turn off background data on a per-app basis


  • Consider using a poll schedule instead of push for email accounts


  • Disable sync for unneeded accounts and services, e.g. Google+, Google Newsstand, Books, Movies, Music, or Picasa Web Albums


  • Disable automatic updates for apps from within the Play Store settings


  • Disable search for unneeded apps & data within the Google Search app


  • If your battery life has taken a dive recently, check out your most recently installed apps & see if uninstalling them helps


  • Take a look under Settings>Applications>Running to see if anything is running in the background when it shouldn't be


  • If you have no joy with all of the above, try backing up data & factory resetting - In addition to Google's data backup, manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung offer desktop backup software that can be used to restore data after a factory reset






If this helped, or you have any additional suggestions, please do sing out!




 - Nik

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Re: General battery saving tips for Android

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Re: General battery saving tips for Android

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Great share

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