Guide to using the Vodafone Community

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Guide to using the Vodafone Community

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Welcome to the Vodafone Community. Here's a quick guide as to what you can do on the forum, as well as some of the actions you might see the moderation team carrying out on the site. 

Vodafone Community features an good search engine and features like tagging that can quickly guide you to the information you need, or the right place to ask your question. When posting, don't worry too much about your topic being in the right place. If we think it's better suited anywhere else, we'll move it.

Vodafone Community is geared towards technical assistance, and product and service support. This is the ideal place to discuss any aspect of your Vodafone service that doesn't involve private or account specific information. As per our terms and conditions, we may take account specific topics and/or details out and contact you directly via email to resolve your question securely. In instances like this, we'll use the email address you registered when joining Vodafone Community to contact you.

Off-topic Area
For topics not relevant to other areas we have an Ideas & suggestions section. This is the place to take some time out and talk about things which don't relate directly to Vodafone and we will add subsections when there's more content. You can talk about anything you like here, but please be mindful of the Vodafone Community Terms and Conditions as you would on any other part of the site.

Post or topic Titles
Occasionally we may change or amend your topic titles to improve how easy they are to search for other community users. For example, we might change a title like "not sure how to use bluetooth" to "Nokia N95 8GB - how do you set up bluetooth" to give the topic a little more relevance and improve how the question appears in search engines. This way we're confident it will give you a better experience when finding the answers you need within the community. Also, if you'd like to help out both the Vodafone Community team and your fellow customers on this then you could also use a similar style when posting your questions in the 'Topic Title' box - some examples of this could be "Data Angel - What are the charges in France","BlackBerry Bold - setting up my hotmail account" and so on.


Rank & Kudos 

The ranks reward different types of activity:

  • joining and visiting
  • reading
  • posting
  • contributing (receiving kudos and solutions).

If you're newly registered you'll have the rank "New Member" and can progress through the visitor and reader ranks. If you're posting you'll jump straight into "New Poster", and if your posts receive Kudos or are marked as a Solution you'll move up the contributor ranks and appear on the Kudos leaderboard on the Community homepage!



About Solutions

Vodafone Community is a great way to get help and answers to questions. Marking replies as "Solutions or Solved" rewards people for answering and helps other people with the same question find an answer quickly!


When you post a question and someone provides a great answer, just click this button next to their answer:

 Problem solved.PNG


That will put a green tick next to your question title and readers can click directly through to the solution.

Solved title.png

  (Question content would be here)

Solved text.png


The solution is marked with a green speech bubble

 Solved answer title.png


 Also - Having answers marked as Solutions contribute towards ranks. They're a good thing. Smiley Happy



Problems logging in
If you have any problems registering or logging into Vodafone Community please email us at

If you'd like any additional information about the site or have suggestions for our community or website please add them to our ideas and discussion section.

Kind regards


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