repeater systems

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repeater systems

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Hi Guy's,

I live about 20min drive inland from Greymouth we live in a dead spot for cell coverage I've been looking at options and a repeater system has been in the pipe line for 2 years and seems like it's going to be a flop. Spark will only offer 4g rbi if you fit under it's coverage area and will not supply on a repeater system. About 40+ houses in this area and we are on an over loaded copper line that will not be graded. My question is it possible to get a cell tower installed so we can all run 4b rbi? It's a really popular area to live and so frustrating at the same time as we loss our broadband all the time from over loading. I've found good spark cell coverage 3 bars 100meters from home but again it's more likley it's 3g signal. Why are the towers capable of 4g but are only running 3g? Any thoughts be appreciated. Jayme

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Re: repeater systems

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Hi @JaymeAnderson


I can certainly pass on feedback to our networks team regarding this, however there are no current plans for upgrades in the area. Best to keep an eye on our planned upgrades/maintenance pages here on community for the latest updates. 


I can see in the Greymouth area, all of our cellsites bar 1 (Blackball) are 4G RBI enabled.


We also share a lot of sites in the area with Spark, so we would have fairly similar coverage to them.

- Sam

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