Waiatarua cell site 4G upgrades?

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Waiatarua cell site 4G upgrades?

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Hey vodafone folk, hope you all had a good stand down period!


Time for me to come back with all the exciting questions that i'm sure probably can't offically be answered but always hope there will be something..



wanting to see if there is any upgrades in the planning for the Waiatarua cell tower.


Particularly looking at if there is any 700MHz upgrades in planning.




Seems very clear to be one of the few towers in the area that aren't upgraded yet in the area.


would also love to know if there is an offical response out yet on the status of the Betheels Beach (Jonkers road) tower. 

Last i heard it was a haulted build, however as it has not been pulleed from RSM yet, not sure if that could be related.



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Re: Waiatarua cell site 4G upgrades?

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hi there, I'll see what I can find outy here for you, typically we dont get any word until the work is all approved and about to commence but if there is any info I can get for you I will try.

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