Te Awamutu mobile signal constantly dropping out

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Te Awamutu mobile signal constantly dropping out

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I suspect the issue is where in Te Awamutu I live relative to the Vodafone tower, but I have noticed for the past year or so that the mobile signal completely drops out several times a day when I am at home (it has happened 3 times in the past 25 mins).


All I get is a No Signal message, most of the time if I flick the phone into and then out of flight mode it can pick up the signal again. The problem is, you have to notice that the signal has dropped out before you can do anything about it, and often the only reason I notice is because I have missed a call.


I'm not sure if I can get 3G signal here, network simply says Voda NZ and the most I can get is 3 bars, sometimes I will see GPRS.


My Spark phone does not have the same issue, ruling out an environmental problem at my end, and I'm only about a 25 min walk to the Te Awamutu Vodafone store, so not out of town or anything.


Are there any plans to boost the signal coverage over Te Awamutu to provide a more consistent service?

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