No signal with sim card

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No signal with sim card

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I lost my phone last week and vodafone send me a new simcard. I bought a huawei Y6 elite today, prepaid with simcard, but it keeps saying it does not have a signal. If i switch it off or restart it it still does not have a signal. Does anyone know how to get a signal?
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Re: No signal with sim card

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Hi there Ellen!

Sounds like you may have been sent a blank sim that's yet to have your number ported over to it! Best thing you can do is call 0800 800 021 from a landline and give them your mobile number and explain that you need to have your number moved to a new blank sim because the old one was in a phone that was lost, they'll be able to move it over for you to the new sim and you should just have to reboot your handset after that. Providing that's too much hassle, I can arrange for someone to do it for you but will need you to private message me with your mobile number, when you last topped up/4 digit pin number that was set up when you first got this handset and also the sim number on the back of the packaging the new sim came in and I'll have a colleague get it sorted for you.


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