Loss of service

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Loss of service

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I have lived at my current address for the last 2 years and up until around 6-8 months ago randomly my cellphone coverage decreased. We use wifi services (not vodafone) in our home that we have no issue with, my partner also has a vodafone cellphone with decreased service at home but he will still receive texts and phone calls in most areas of the house.

I now will not recieve any phone calls or texts in my house or in the outside area until I have driven elsewhere. My phone coverage in general has decreased but I am still able to be contacted (most of the time) when away form the home. Where my 'coverage bars' are there is a cross constantly when at home. 

I went into my local vodafone store to ask for help and was kind of dismissed that I just needed a new sim card, I tried the new sim and nothing has improved. I currently have a samsung S5 which is in good condition and doesnt have any other problems. Havent returned to the store as I felt the 'helper' was sort of more interested in selling me another phone + plan so I couldnt trust that I was getting genuine advice.. would like to know if upgrading my phone is actually what I need to do or will not be helpful with my service issues.

Please help!!

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Re: Loss of service

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Hi @SheaAmberNolan,


I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your services and for the experience that you had when you went into the Vodafone store.


Have you checked your address on our coverage map ( to see what type of coverage is available at your address? Also do you know of any other Vodafone users (other than your partner) in your area who are also experiencing the same thing? It will also be a good idea for you to have a chat with our technical support team on 0800 021 921 as they will be able to troubleshoot and hopefully be able to resolve the issue.


Thank you,


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