Kinleith network upgrade?

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Kinleith network upgrade?

by Antspants New Poster
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Hey, when is Kinleith getting upgraded?
There is a huge dead spot covering most of the OJI site which is driving me (and the rest of my guys) nuts. I thought it was just a transmitter failure or something when we started there back in May 2017 but turns out it's never had a Vodafone signal.

Come on Vodafone, please don't make me move everyone to Spark! (who have a fully functional presence)
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Re: Kinleith network upgrade?

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Hi @Antspants Sounds like an upgrade to an existing site would not fix this black spot but a new site would have to be built,


Carriers don't mirror image coverage and black spots is one of those things that happens on all carriers


Weekly upgrades to sites are posted on this page


For inbuilding black spots check out Vodafone Sure Signal




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