4G for the small towns

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4G for the small towns

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Really Vodafone? you have over 30 4g cell towers in a 2x2km range in Auckland. Every  month i see a cell tower in Auckland being upgraded with 4g. With over 30 4g cell towers, would there not be enough coverage in a 2x2km range.

As this Picture shows  



























But in some smaller towns like Te Awamutu you have yet to place a 4g tower, the 4g tower there covers absolutly no one. and all the other cell providers have 4g in Te Awamutu. This is why i changed to 2Degrees, i though that vodafone wa New Zealands most reliable network. I think you guys should change that.

As this picture shows what Te Awamutu is like


This is why Vodafone needs to THINK about the comunitys where they need 4G as in this gowing age people are going to need faster speeds to be able to keep up. So Please vodafone think about the smaller communitys before you go over kill on huge citys.

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Re: 4G for the small towns

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Some things to consider:


* What is the population of Auckland CBD on the middle of  a work day vs the population of Te Awamutu

* How many big corps with big telecomunication needs in Auckland CBD vs Te Awamutu

* How much money is Vodafone making from Corps/Business in Auckland CBD vs Te Awamutu

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