Slow 4G Rural Broadband

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Slow 4G Rural Broadband

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Hi, I live in the Central North Island in Waikite Valley, just below Paeroa Range which a large cell tower is located on. I use both mobile 4g and wireless rural broadband. Earlier in the year, the tower was updated so it could broadcast 4g wireless broadband. 


I just want to know what the average speeds are for 4g wireless because I believe I've had a bad experience so far. First of all the 4g on my mobile is miles better than the home 4g. Secondly, the connection is always 100x better in the morning. I understand this could be due to fewer people using it. However, the most I've been able to get during a good period is 3mbps download. And at a bad time of the day (every night) I would be lucky to get 0.5mbps download.


I've called and put in complaints about slow speeds but I never seem to get any technical response as to what is causing it or when do they plan to boost speeds and so forth. I've been told they have updated the ability to broadcast 4g but the power or umph to the tower is still too low to effectively deliver faster speeds to customers. I would like to think this tower caters for a large area so it does concern me 3mbps is the best can be done at the best of times when everyone in the region is out working. 


Please, can someone end my endless nights of frustration and inability to get any work done online. I would ideally love to know when better upgrades plan to take place or at the very least an acknowledgement of the issue rural Newzealanders face.



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Re: Slow 4G Rural Broadband

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There is some work scheduled this week for this tower, so see what happens after that.
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Re: Slow 4G Rural Broadband

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@Timzas @coffeebaron has pointed out planned work on that cell adding lots of new capacity to it


Give it another week before that extra capacity is live but should make a big difference



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