Rural broadband (No coveage Utter bill **bleep**!!)

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Rural broadband (No coveage Utter bill **bleep**!!)

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After waiting 7 weeks for the install that never happened, today I'm told that the Downer tech advises there is no coverage in the area. Strange how my mobile phone works fine on 4G. Then the Vodafone CSR tells me rural broadband works on a different system to my phone.


1) Really bad customer service nothing communicated at all.

2) Utter crap about coverage.

3) I'm sure rural broadband works on 4G/LTE so a mobile phone is a good indicator? plus the web page says "A fast and reliable internet connection over 3G and 4G for remote and hard to reach locations"


Farmside recomend Rural broadband with twin yagis installed WTF Vodafone? 


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Re: Rural broadband (No coveage Utter bill **bleep**!!)

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@Radionutter RBI uses the same cellsites but it needs to be an RBI approved area to get RBI installed as the RBI sites have far more capacity,


What does it say for your address and how long have you had 4G coverage for?

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