Poor Riverhead Coverage

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Poor Riverhead Coverage

by KuhrtWieneke New Poster
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We've been living in a new subdivison in Riverhead, West Auckland for about a year. The area used to be farmland and orchards, mobile coverage was fine, speeds were great.

Over time as the area has developed and grown (mostly single storey homes), we can barely get a signal inside our house - one bar if we're lucky, and the phone either drops to 2G or just drops off the network completely. To use our phones properly we have to step outside and we might be lucky to get two bars, but people say we sound muffled or the call just keeps breaking up.


Text messages frequently have to be resent due to them failing to send.

Receiving calls is worse as we just get the text saying we've missed a call from whoever.

There's nothing special about our house, just a standard brick home, I can only assume that with all the new homes going up that it's affecting our signal.


We use a Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone 4, all purchased from NZ for use on Vodafone.


Our ISP isn't Vodafone so Sure Signal isn't an option.


I saw there was mention on here recently of the Riverhead/Coatesville towers being upgraded to improve coverage, but looking at the posts on here since that doesn't seemed to have happened? Are there plans to look into coverage into this area or do you need more complaints than just me?

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Re: Poor Riverhead Coverage

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Welcome to the Community.

Sorry that your network coverage is an issue. I will forward your query to the network team to see what can be done or what is planned.



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Re: Poor Riverhead Coverage

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@KuhrtWieneke complaints don't get new towers built, There is far more to it than that including the RMA and what budget is in the pool of $$$$ for new sites,


Then finding land / location to put a new site, It can take months and months and some sites years to get built,


The best option is Sure Signal but as you have advised you are not a fixed line broadband customer,


I know of one new site coming up for the area in early stages but it going to be a while yet



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Re: Poor Riverhead Coverage

by Rodo Starter Poster
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Have there been any development on improved coverage for Riverhead area?

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Re: Poor Riverhead Coverage

by Rodo Starter Poster
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Hello Vodafone, anyone home?
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