November Cable Network Upgrades

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November Cable Network Upgrades

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Our networks team is working constantly to improve our cable network's capacity. Currently, our Tech Team is running a D-CMTS upgrade. This is part of a wider node upgrade programme designed to deliver greater capacity to our ultra-fast cable (FibreX) customers in Wellington, Christchurch and Kapiti.


Ultimately, we are future-proofing the UFC network so you can continue to do your thing better now and in the future.


Here's a list of nodes that have been upgraded so far in November: Updated 6 Dec





Date upgraded

W06 Wellington 1 November
W07 Wellington 1 November
KC105 Christchurch 1 November
KC106 Christchurch 1 November
KC108 Christchurch 1 November
KC110 Christchurch 1 November
W11 Wellington 2 November
W12 Wellington 2 November
W24 Wellington 2 November
KC111 Christchurch 2 November
KC114 Christchurch

2 November

KC115 Christchurch 2 November
KC116 Christchurch 2 November
KC119 Christchurch 3 November
KC121 Christchurch 3 November
KC126 Christchurch 3 November
KC140 Christchurch 3 November
KC141 Christchurch 4 November
KC145 Christchurch 4 November
KC146 Christchurch 8 November
KC148 Christchurch 8 November
KC149 Christchurch 8 November
KC150 Christchurch 8 November
KC152 Christchurch 9 November
KC154 Christchurch 9 November
KC155 Christchurch 9 November
KC156 Christchurch 9 November
KC157 Christchurch 10 November
KC158 Christchurch 10 November
KC164 Christchurch 10 November
KC166 Christchurch 10 November
KC103 Christchurch 22 November
KC104 Christchurch 22 November
KC303 Christchurch 23 November
KC304 Christchurch 23 November
KC305 Christchurch 23 November
KC39 Christchurch 24 November
KC41 Christchurch 24 November
KC45 Christchurch 24 November
KC37 Christchurch 25 November
KC53 Christchurch 25 November
KC129 Christchurch 29 November
KC309 Christchurch 29 November
KC313 Christchurch 29 November
KC314 Christchurch 29 November
KC315 Christchurch 29 November
KC169 Christchurch 30 November
KC306 Christchurch 30 November
KC316 Christchurch 30 November
KC322 Christchurch 30 November
KC323 Christchurch 30 November
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Re: November Cable Network Upgrades

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hi, would you please use suburb instead of code?

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Re: November Cable Network Upgrades

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Thanks for the feedback, will try to add that in the future

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