Not receiving International Texts

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Not receiving International Texts

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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Not sure if anyone can help but I'm stuck!!


When I log into my Amazon account or Twitter I have 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).

I normally receive a text message with a code.

Now, from today, I'm not ??



I also have 2FA for my NZ bank. I have tried this and I am receiving the text !

I have also tried the send “name” to 521 and I received that.


I have been getting a message on my iPhone 7 saying “iMessage. Your service provider may charge for SMS messages used to action iMessage”

Thing is I DO NOT use iMessage and that is turned off as is Facetime.

So why that has started to pop up, I don’t know !


I have tried rebooting my iPhone.

I have taken the sim out for a few minutes.

I have checked blocked messages-nothing there.

I have reset the network settings.

NONE of these worked.


Is there any way to see if there is a “block” that is stopping these text’s coming through.


I cant get into these sites otherwise.


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Re: Not receiving International Texts

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hey @capcomnz, has this been resolved for you?


Few thoughts here.


First off, looking at Twitter's list for the supported mobile carriers, it doesn't look like Vodafone is one of the supported networks. So that can be the reason why. (


Now for the no credit notification, if both iMessage and Facetime are turned off, then this might have something to do with Premium TXTs, or sending MMS.  Just a guess really here, but is it possible that some service/content  provider is trying to send you some premium TXT message which is chargeable, and so it's triggering the network to send you the low credit notification? (more details re Premium TXT:


Again guessing here, but this might have something to do with Amazon and Twitter 2FA. It can be that either is trying to send you the 2FA txt and it's going to be a chargeable one and not free, and so its triggering the no credit notification


Would try and top up and see what happens afterwards, and if you would receive any TXTs at all from either service. I couldn't find a list on Amazon's website regarding supported carriers, but if all fails and you're unable to access your account for either Twitter or Amazon, then would recommend opening a support ticket with Twitter/Amazon regarding alternative ways to access your account.


Kind Regards


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Re: Not receiving International Texts

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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WOW !!!!!

Its taken you THIS long to come back .....MEAN time I went down to my local store the following day, swapped the Sim card out for another AND everything works again..

YES a simple sim card swap fixed this !!


NO Premium Texts rubbish

NO Unsupported mobile carriers rubbish


Honestly Twitter sends a text for 2FA through to my phone! Awlays has

Its NOT a premium service or unsupported...Thats bollocks!

Amazon AWAYS sent a text for 2FA when I logged in. AGAIN NOT unsupported or a "premium" service.


ANY site that offers 2FA and a text will simply send a text to the number supplied.


Good Grief......Idiotot comments like these TRULY makes me wonder if you guys a Vodafone really know whats going on!

You cant get emails working correctly (got to fudge that off to other providers)

You cant stop spam correctly (again...make other providers do the work)

And you are going to offer some sort of TV service.....THAT WILL FAIL !!!





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